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    To get from point A to point B in New York City people grab a cab. To get around London blokes take a ride on the Tube. In Venice the gondola is a fun way to see the sights, and in Chicago the local trains are a popular way to get around the Windy City. Cabo San Lucas has it's own modes of transportation for getting around, but none of them as much fun as the Water Taxis.

    Althouh regular taxi cabs are still very popular for traveling the short and longer distances in Los Cabos, water taxis are a great way to make the shorter hops anywhere near the popular water areas. And just like the regular taxi cabs on the streets, water taxis can be hailed down with the wave of a hand.


    The calm waters of Cabo San Lucas Bay are perfect for getting around by water taxi!


    The popularity of water taxis is increasing each year in Cabo as more and more visitors become aware of them. And awareness is more than half of the learning curve here. Once visitors are aware of these fun ways to get around, they start using them more often. On a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas Carlos Fiesta used water taxis exclusively to get around to and from the best parts of Cabo.

    Utilizing the water taxi system in Cabo does have one main gotta be spending time near the water near the heart of Cabo. If you are hanging out at your hotel on El Medano Beach, spending time at the local watering holes on the beach, hanging out on a boat in the marina, or spending time in downtown Cabo, water taxis have your name on them. Yes, you could take a regular taxi for all of your transportation needs...but why?

    Just a few examples where water taxis are more fun than a smelly cab:

    • When traveling from the half dozen resorts on Playa Medano to downtown Cabo San Lucas.
    • When traveling from the resorts on Playa Medano to Lover's Beach or the Arch (El Arco).
    • When traveling from downtown Cabo San Lucas near the marina area to the hotels on Playa Medano.
    • When traveling from downtown Cabo San Lucas near the marina to Lover's Beach or to El Arco.
    • When traveling from a boat in the marina to El Medano Beach or Lover's Beach and the Arch.

    Water taxis are usually less expensive than land-based taxis, and even cheaper if you are traveling in small groups.

    As with any mode of transportation, it's a good idea to set an exact price on getting to the destination before getting into the boat.

    These small pangas usually hold 6 to 10 people. Don't expect the captian of the boat to hand you a life preserver when you get on board. As the bumper sticker says..."get in, sit down, shut up and hold on".

    So the next time you are hanging out at El Medano Beach sucking up 2 for 1 margaritas and somebody suggests heading to downtown Cabo for a snack, let a water taxi do the driving!




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