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    While there are plenty of places in Cabo San Lucas to have a meal, a cold beer or a cocktail, there are only a few watering holes that have stood the test of time and that have obtained that legendary "must see" status. In that category are The Giggling Marlin, El Squid Roe and the gathering place mamma of them all...The Office.

    One thing these three landmarks have in common is that they each offer much more for their customers than just food and drink. They all offer that all important element necessary to make the customer happy....atmosphere.

    Even though The Office has grown significantly over the years, it still offers that special something that makes people love the place and coming back for more. Indeed word of mouth is the main exposure that brings in new clients to The Office.

    Located right in the middle of Cabo's famous Playa Medano, The Office is just down the beach from the Hacienda Hotel and right next to the Melia San Lucas. It's also just a hop, skip and a jump from the Plaza Bonito, the Plaza Bonita Rose and Las Cascades. Folks from other hotels just take a taxi and get dropped off out front.

    Probably the biggest draw of this unique dining and drinking establishment is that it is located right on the beach, just steps from the ocean. And when we say right on the beach, we don't mean just above the beach, we mean right on the beach.

    People that travel the world to exotic beach locations just seem to love places where you can sip a cold drink, munch on warm food, listen to fun music and stick your toes right into the warm sand. Welcome to The Office. The fact that you can leave your table at any given time and jump in warm and clear Sea of Cortez to cool off is just the icing on the cake.

    The Office is as much about a social roundevous spot as it is about dining and drinking. You will usually spot someone at The Office that you danced with the night before, or had a conversation with during your shopping and dining travels about town. Even people you've never seen before can easily become your new friends at The Office...the common denominator being "fun".

    Some people start their day off at The Office for breakfast and hang-over cocktails, some drop by for lunch, and others for dinner. And yes there are those people who love the place so much that they spend the entire day here without leaving. Add Carlos Fiesta to that list of guilty hedonists.

    Everything you want to do in Cabo is at your call at The Office. Do you want to take a panga boat ride out to El Arco for a one hour adventure? How about a fast ride on the ocean on a banana boat, or an even faster ride on a Wave Runner? Looking for a fishing or a diving boat? It's all available to you on the sands in front of The Office.

    Music is a fun part of the the action at The Office, but it doesn't always come from one source. Sometimes it comes from The Office, sometimes it comes from the competing Mango Deck (just a few feet adjacent to the south), and sometimes it comes from Billygan's Island (adjacent just a few feet to the south). And sometimes it comes from all three places at the same time. And it's usually modern rock.

    The cast of characters meandering up and down the sandy isles at The Office consist of more than just the patrons. Don't be suprised if an overweight man dressed like Pancho Villa drops by your table and offers you shots of tequila, a young man with a parrot and a camera asks if you want a photo of you and the bird, or if a young woman selling ceramic jewelry shows you the contents of her leather case. It's all part of the show at The Office.

    For those who want to take a bit of the fun home with them, there is a small area near the entrance to The Office where T-shirts, hats and other gifts can be purchased. These are great souvenirs for the spouse or soul mate who couldn't make the trip, or even for yourself to help you recapture the fun memories once you get back behind the desk at the other office, the one back home where you work.

    Carlos Fiesta's Hot Tip

    Vendors (people selling stuff) can be a fun part of spending time at The Office, as long as you understand the rules. By law vendors are allowed to walk the Federal Zone on the sand in any part of Mexico, which is the area 20 meters (60 feet) up from the high tide line. Beyond that they must be asked to enter the property by a customer. So if you are in the first row of tables closest to the ocean, you are right up against this property line and will experience more than your fair share of locals selling hats, jewelry and ceramic plates, etc. If you do not want to be bothered by these nice folks, just grab a table a few rows back from the front row. If you do like the idea of shopping while you are hanging out at The Office, this is a great way to review the multitude of items that will pass by your table on an ongoing basis. Dollars and pesos accepted!




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