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    Travel all the way to Cabo San Lucas and not go out on the water? It's a fact that most people who visit the Cape never leave the shore. And it's a darn shame (that's right, I said darn shame!) because an hour or two out on the water can provide memories that will last a lifetime. Yes, it's very easy to get sidetracked in Cabo because there is so much to do. But if you have a hankerin' for the ocean try to take the time to enjoy a sunset cruise.

    There are several ways to get out on the ocean in Cabo, including fishing, parasailing and taking a panga to Lover's Beach or El Arco. But nothing quite matches the energy of a sunset cruise. These boats depart Cabo San Lucas Marina every day in the late afternoon and are a great way to experience the water side of Cabo. The view of Cabo from the ocean is spectacular and there is no better way to get this perspective and have so much fun at the same time.

    There are three or four boats to choose from for sunset cruises, and it can be a good idea to choose the boat that best matches your energy level. The boats listed below are three of the most popular.


    The calm waters of Cabo San Lucas Bay are perfect for sunset cruises!


    • Cabo Ray - The Cabo Ray is the largest of all of the boats that provide sunset cruises in Cabo San Lucas Harbor. It is a huge ship, not unlike a mini ocean liner. This is a good boat for people who easily get seasick because it is so stable on the water. The party factor on this boat is low.

    • Pez Gato - The Pez Gato (Spanish for Cat Fish) is a much smaller boat than the Cabo Ray. However, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in action. The Pez Gato is alive with an busy deck that offers music, snacks and drinks for all hand on deck. The party factor on the Pez Gato is medium to high.

    • Jungle Cruise - The Jungle Cruise boat is a catamaran with a good sized deck that has a reputation for "over-serving" their clients (cocktails), playing loud music, and encouraging the customers to dance, sing and party. While spending a week on a yacht in a boat slip facing the harbor entrance, Carlos Fiesta couldn't help but notice the jungle cruise boat as it re-entered the harbor each night, with a wild cast and crew pulling out all the stops. Party factor...high!




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