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    Most visitors to Cabo San Lucas don't even know that Cabo has a ghost. But it does, and it's been a part of the community for many years now. Unlike most ghosts the Ghost of Cabo does not live in a building, it is a building.

    A building? Yep... a building. Sitting right on the bay side of Marina Boulevard between Margaritaville and the Giggling Marlin sits the huge shell of a half constructed hotel that covers some of the best real estate in Cabo. And it's been sitting there unfinished since the late 1990's.

    The original plan for the hotel made perfect sense. One side the hotel was to front the most popular part of the marina, near the best marina restaurants, shops and the most acceessible boat slips. The front side of the hotel faces Marina Boulevard, right in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas. This hotel has the 3 most important elements for a successful business: location, location, and location.

    Rumors about the ghost of Cabo are as diverse as the signs and graffiti covering the fence surrounding the building. Some people say it was being built by Mexican Mafia drug money and when the Mexican government found out they came an and stopped the project cold. Others say that the developers of the hotel were legit but ran out of money and filed the Mexican version of bankruptsy, leaving the shell of a hotel for the passing world to see.

    Whatever the real reason the hotel construction was stopped, one would think that somebody smart would pick up the ball and run with completing the project. Unless the site is in litigation, which would explain why the whole kit and kaboodle is just sitting there year after year.

    Carlos Fiesta has his own idea as to how the the project should be completed. The ground floor could be shops and restaurants, the middle floors could be office spaces with views of the city and the marina, and the top floor could be an open air roller rink and disco. Time will tell what actually happens to the Ghost of Cabo.




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