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    Cabo San Lucas is located in the northern hemisphere, so it shares the same seasons as the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. When it's winter in Montreal, it's winter in Cabo. The main difference is the longitude. Cabo San Lucas is located in the tropics, far enough south to where the temperatures rarely get cold.

    The coldest time of the year in Cabo is usually January and February, although daytime temperatures are usually nice and warm during even during those months. During the evenings in winter a light jacket or sweater sometimes comes in handy.

    Although it can get hot in Cabo during the summer, the surrounding waters and ocean breezes usually keep Cabo within acceptable levels. When it does get hot, your never too far from a refreshing dip in the ocean or a pool, or too far from an ice cold drink! Humidity is usually high in summer, but not as high as many places in summer.

    Cabo receives very little rain, and when it does get rain, it often gets it all at once. Most of the rain comes from the storms or chubascos that develop during summer. These storms can be intense, but rarely last more than a day or two. Cabo San Lucas is right up there with Palm Springs, California for an exceedingly high number of sunny days every year!