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      Looking for a great way to make your stay in Paradise extra special? How about sidestepping the traditional hotel accommodations and renting a private home or villa for your next stay in Cabo? Special occassions are a fun reason to opt for a luxury home, but any excuse will do.

      The trend of reserving a private residence at the Cape is getting more popular every year and shows no sign of slowing down. As Cabo's real estate rental market continues to boom visitors looking for a class act to hang their hat have more options every year.

      One of the first choices one must make is to decide on one of two basic locations for their villa getaway. Cabo's private homes and villas are usually located either right on the beach, or up in the hills behind Cabo. Both venues offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez.

      Beach bums might choose a home right on the sand with the idea of easy access to Cabo's spectacular coastline. Those less interested in the beach might choose a villa up in the hills of Pedrigal, with views of the ocean that are nothing less than breathtaking.

      Most homes and villas for rent are quite spectacular. Many of them are new or newer, large, luxurious and offer plenty of creature comforts to make your stay an enjoyable one. Reserving a private cook or bartender can lighted your load even further, giving you more time to enjoy your vacation.

      Surprisingly, the cost of renting a private residence is not a big problem if you are traveling with other couples or families. When divided by 4 couples, is not much more than staying at a 5 star resort where each couple is spending $300-$400 per night.

      While large private homes have been available for rent in Cabo San Lucas for many years, it has only been recently that the "Mega Villas" have become a part of the inventory. Private homes ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet can make it hard to ever go home again.

      Unlike staying at a hotel, having a car or van available to get around is necessary when staying at a villa. But again, the cost can be minimized by sharing the bill with your travel buddies.

      One of the big advantages of renting a home or villa is the truly relaxing pace that comes with staying in a home. There is no driving goal each day to go somewhere to "see" Cabo. When you stay in a house or villa your vacation experience surrounds you every day at every corner.

      Looking for a fun way to add some spice to your next stay in Cabo San Lucas? Think about staying in a private home or villa. It will be hard to go back to a regular hotel once you do!

      For additional information and prices drop by the excellent and informative web site of the Cabo Villa specialists at CABO VILLAS, they are indeed Cabo San Lucas experts!




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