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    Cabo San Lucas is located at the very southern tip of Mexico's spectacular Baja Peninsula. But just 20 miles up the coast from Cabo lies the beautiful city of San Jose del Cabo. The area between these two cities is now known as "Los Cabos", The Capes. San Jose del Cabo was actually populated well before Cabo San Lucas hit the map. Although Cabo has had it's share of pirates, indians, fishermen and misfits for centuries, San Jose del Cabo is where the first mission in the area was established, and where much of the early growth of the Cape region took root.

    Whether you are flying in to Cabo San Lucas or driving in, you've got to go through San Jose del Cabo to get to Cabo San Lucas. Highway One goes right through town, with the main street and businesses being just off to the east side of the Highway.

    San Jose offers clean streets, wonderful restaurants, shops and a beachfront hotel zone that has been growing steadily since the early 1980's.

    Fishing is still part of the local economy and pangas leave daily from the beach "La Playita" on the other side of the large estuary.

    For more good information on this special city as a great place to visit during your Los Cabos vacation drop by the SAN JOSE DEL CABO section of Baja Expo.




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