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    One of the great things about Cabo San Lucas is that the ocean temperature is warm all year long. This is one of the main reasons that watersports are so popular in Cabo. Swimming, snorkeling, Scuba diving, surfing, sailing and other water sports are more fun when the water is warm! In addition, fishing gets a boost from warmer ocean temperatures as well.

    Even though the water is warm all year long in Cabo, the water temperature fluxuates from season to season. At the end of summer and early fall the ocean temperature is at it's warmest in the mid to high 80's, and sometimes even hits 90 degrees.

    After the ocean temperature peaks in September, it gradually cools off through fall and into winter. The ocean temperature usually hits bottom in Cabo by late winter or early spring and usually gets down to around 70 degrees in late March and Early April. Then it begins to heat up again and the cycle repeats itself.

    Other factors such as currents and upwellings can play into the water temperature factor and can cause it to become warmer or cooler than normal. But for the most part the ocean temperatures in Cabo are swimmable all year long!

    To review the current ocean temperatures in Cabo click on the water temperature links below.




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