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    If there is a place on the planet Earth that offers more nightlife than Cabo San Lucas, Carlos Fiesta has a few words of wisdom: don't go there. You might hurt yourself.

    It would be hard to imagine any city that offers more music, more dancing, and more all-night-long good times than Cabo. It starts after dinner, and ends just before breakfast. If your macho enough, you can party until the wee hours, and enjoy one of Cabo's spectacular sunrises. If you just want to go out and have a good time, but want to get to bed at a reasonable hour (to go fishing!), Cabo can accommodate you, too. Either way, the town seems to party all night long, and everyone is invited!

    One of the cool things about cocktailing in Cabo the dress codes (or lack there of!). Just like Los Angles, Cabo lets you choose how you want to dress to do the town. From silk and stilettos, to bathing suites with's pretty much your choice in most of Cabo's restaurants and drinking establishments!

    Although not invented here, the popular past time of bar hopping has developed into a refined quest in Cabo. Fortunately, most of the clubs and bars are located close together in downtown Cabo, so drinking and driving is not necessary. There are many taxi cabs located on the main streets of Cabo, so people who were over-served will have no problem finding a fast and inexpensive way to get back to their hotels.

    For many folks, the nightlife starts at the south end of town, and moves north throughout the evening. A typical evening might start with dinner, drinks, and live music at Rio Grill, departing in time to head up the street to catch the 9:15 live dance show at Giggling Marlin. After the show and dancing, a cruise up the street to El Maybe Later for more dancefloor (and cage) dancing! Wait...there's more. A hop across the street to do the 'double dip' of Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Cafe is usually your last chance to catch your breath before heading back across the street to the never-ending action of Squid Roe.

    Obviously there are many variations on this theme...but you get the idea. Half the fun of Cabo nightlife is creating your own itinerary!

    Since you are in Mexico, and Mexico is the land of tequila, it might be a good idea to brush up on your homework, before heading out for some one-on-one with the shot glass.

    If you are a fan of JOSE CUERVO TEQUILA, feel free to check out their colorful web page!

    And remember, just like anywhere else in the world, driving a car in Mexico while drunk is just plain stupid.




    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-1198.
    Located on Vicente Guerrero just up from Lazaro Cardenas, about a block from Giggling Marlin.
    Web site:
    The area inside the front entrance is somewhat removed from the action and noise and is a good place for a drink and a pizza for those who are not quite ready for the big action on the inside.
    The convenient entrance is the 'back door' across the street from the Giggling Marlin.
    Huge! A great indoor stage venue with plenty of seats for when Sammy or other big groups are in town, otherwise usually not much going on.
    Metal stages located throughout the venue for party people who like to show it all to the world.
    Even when it's quiet during the day it's worth a visit for a cool drink, or to buy a T-shirt for the folks at home.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-1182.
    Located on Marina Blvd. at the corner of Matamoras, right side.
    Web site:
    Nightly shows, Jello vodka shooters on hard-body bellies, bar top brass rail dancing, videos, great music, dirty dancing, plus hanging upside down in the marlin shackles. "Waiter, I'll have a drink of whatever that guy laying on the floor is having". If you can't have fun here, go home.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-0655.
    Located near the entrance to downtown Cabo San Lucas, right side of street.
    Web site:
    This two story monstrosity is a Cabo legend! Non stop music by day, dance music by night.
    Cage dancing, tree dancing, stair dancing, isle dancing, and dance floor dancing! A Cabo landmark where the fun goes on until the wee hours. Remodeled in 1998 to accomodate more fun and then again in 2005!
    Also a good place for lunch. If you can't spot a CABO EXPO decal somewhere on the walls in this place, you need glasses!
    Carlos Fiesta and his gang spent a week here one night.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-3779.
    Centro Commercial Plaza Bonita Local 28 C, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
    Located at the entrance to downtown Cabo San Lucas, on the left side of the street.
    A great location! A little wilder than the other Hard Rock's. Good food, loud music, a fun place to hang out. Always squeeky clean and the service is friendly. The T-shirt shop is downstairs on the right side, and the music-food-bar are upstairs. Live music runs from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., except Tuesdays.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-1335.
    Marina Blvd. 31-A, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
    Located about three quarters the way through town on main road, right side.
    Mardi Gras atmosphere and live music Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Rio has long held the reputation as a fun place to hang out, grab a good meal, and just relax. Much bigger than it seems from the street. Check out the rear patio for more space.
    Open daily from 12 noon until 2 a.m.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-4878.
    Located on Zaragoza one block up from Lazaro Cardenas.
    A lively saloon featuring rock and country rock music. 5 to 9 p.m. happy hour. A fun place to hang your hat!



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-4288.
    Located smack dab in the middle of downtown Cabo, on the Marina Blvd. corner.
    Always seems to draw a great crowd. Open and spacious layout, including an outdoor patio and bar area. A great place to grab a window seat, or sit on the patio to watch the main street traffic, plus a decent sized dace floor (and cage) if you're looking to burn off some calories! 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. happy hour.



    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-3878.
    Located just up from Playa Medano near the entrance to the Melia Hotel.
    A large venue offering dancing under the stars to live music nightly.
    Pool table, darts and satellite TV.
    An easy stroll to the beach if you need to walk off that last margarita!



    Located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, walking distance from everywhere.
    Lord Black's has taken it's experience (and a few of it's girls!) from the famed gentelmen's club in La Paz and turned on the heat at the Cape!
    Stage dancing, table dancing, lap's all here!



    Located right across the street from Cabo Wabo, on the corner adjacent to Hotel Mar de Cortez (So I hear...I've never been there:)
    Showgirls, music, reasonable drinks, hotel near by (in case you get tired).
    The rumors are true! Shows start at 8:30 p.m.
    Bring one's.



    Located on the corner of Lazaro Cardenas at Zaragoza, second floor, up the side stairway.
    Just around the corner from Squid Roe.
    Dancing girls, center dance floor with the brass pole, lights, the whole nine yards.
    If you are sitting up front, bring plenty of $1's. Good music, talented senioritas, reasonable drink prices, no pressure environment.


    20 / TWENTY

    Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-5380.
    Lazaro Cardenas at Francisco Villa, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
    Located on the main street while entering town, right side, past the Pemex station.
    A gentleman's club offering beautiful women, food, music, pool, darts 6 satellite TV's, air conditioning (in case you get HOT), and more. The music sounds loud at first, but the more you drink the better it sounds.
    Open from 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.




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