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    Cabo San Lucas is better known for fishing than probably an other town on the planet! The waters off of Cabo, north and west in the Pacific Ocean, and south and east in the Sea of Cortez, are full of life. Without question, is a great place to enjoy 'tight lines'.

    Many Baja fishermen come to Cabo to try their luck at the large trophy sailfish offshore, including blue marlin, black marlin, and the like. Over 50,000 sailfish are caught in these waters every year. Thanks to catch and release, your odds are 1 in 3 of catching a "big guy". Others just want a good fight, and are happy to hook up with a dorado, yellowtail, wahoo, or a roosterfish. And then there are those for whom fishing is just an excuse to get away from home, and who don't really care what kind of fish they catch, as long as they can get out on a boat, drink a few beers, and have some fun! The exceptional thing about Cabo is that it is able to cater to any kind of fisherman, and have all of them going home with a smile on their face!

    Fishing in Cabo is easy! There are plenty of SPORTSFISHING BOATS, and reserving a boat way in advance is generally not necessary, (unless there is a big tournament in town). Usually it is a good idea to reserve a boat a day or two before you plan to go out. This locks you into a boat and skipper, plus it allows you to schedule the balance of your vacation around your days of fishing.

    There are two main types of boats available for Cabo fishing. Cruisers are the larger boats, and usually offer a pretty decent size deck area and seating. Most cruisers also have a galley area down below, for storage (lunches, jackets, extra rods, etc.). Expect to pay well for these bigger boats. The other Cabo fishing option is Pangas. Pangas are usually much smaller than cruisers, are generally open to the sun (although light canvas "bimini tops" are sometimes used to provide well needed shade), and there doesn't tend to be much walking around room with the wooden seats all lined up at attention. Of course the other big difference between these two types of boats is cost. You can get in a good half day of fishing done in a panga for about half of the cost of a cruiser. It can be fun to mix and match, going out for sail fish one day in a cruiser, and heading out a day or two later in a panga to chase the Wahoo! Also, if you are considering going fishing in a panga, consider heading up the coast 30 minutes to La Playita, just past SAN JOSE DEL CABO. Pangas are a specialty there, and the quiet environment is a nice change of pace.

    Most boats offer a lunch and sodas with a day of fishing, although lunch may or may not be included in the price you were quoted. If you have a special meal request it helps to let them know in advance. If you feel a certain number of cervesas are necessary to fully enjoy your day at sea, bringing a cooler along is an acceptable practice.

    Live bait is generally not included in the price of the boat, although your skipper will arrange for bait before leaving the dock. Keeping a supply of $1's, $5's, and $10's handy as the boat loads up in the morning is a good idea. Bait fish usually runs $2 per fish.

    For a look at the daily catch drop by the sportfishing dock on the west side of the Marina after 2:30 or 3:00 each afternoon. Or if you are really lazy and want to check out the day's catch from the beach as the sportfishing boats head back into the harbor, watch for the flags that each boat is flying. A triangular blue flag flopping in the wind means the sailfish are biting! Regulations state that only one billfish per boat may be brought on board, although there is no limit to the popular practice of catch and release.

    CATCH-AND RELEASE is gaining big support in Cabo, and more captains are encouraging this wise fishing practice. Of course, if you catch your first marlin, and you want to bring it over the rail for keeps, it's your call. But it's a good idea to keep conservation in mind, whenever practical.

    Depending on the day's luck, many boats head back to the marina in the early afternoon. If you've been skunked, and want to spend more time out at sea, most captains will try to accommodate you.

    Once back at the docks, tipping is always appreciated by the captain and crew. 10% of the boat cost is a decent guideline, but the outing circumstances will dictate the actual tip.

    The waters off of Cabo San Lucas are an important part of the city's future. Cabo is the only city in Mexico to have a marine preserve within it's city limits. The 14 square mile protected area was designed to control boating, fishing and recreation in this very special part of the Sea of Cortez.

    For a review of the companies that provide fishing services in Cabo San Lucas check out our SPORTSFISHING DIRECTORY. Lot's of great links here!

    And to review your fishing options in other parts of Baja drop by the BAJA FISHING section of Baja Expo!


    Remember! Many of the companies listed below have their own web site, which we have linked to their company name. Half the fun of surfing this section of Baja Expo is checking out the great information on these sites!





    The fishing chart below can be used as a general guideline for the likelihood of catching certain types of fish in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas. Obviously the fish have a mind of there own, and the below bites are not guaranteed.

    For fishing locations just up the Sea of Cortez from Cabo you can review the fishing towns of LORETO, LA PAZ, BUENA VISTA and the EAST CAPE sections of Baja Expo.


    Dorado * All year long.

    Black marlin * June through November.

    Blue marlin * June through November.

    Striped marlin * All year long.

    Sailfish * March through December.

    Swordfish * February through June.

    Wahoo * May through January.

    Yellowfin Tuna * All year long.

    Yellowtail * February through June.

    Trouser trout * All year long!




    Fishing companies based in Cabo San Lucas are a popular way to search for tight lines. Most of these skippers know the surrounding waters extremely well, and the communication among the local skippers helps keep you headed in the right direction once you leave the harbor. A few options include:



      Toll free (888) 475-5337.
      Web site:
      First class and affordable sportsfishing charters in Los Cabos.
      Tournament equipped charter boats ready for tight lines!
      Setting new standards in Cabo San Lucas since 1999.
      Experience the personalized service of a well-run quality fishing business.
      Tommy and Lori at your service!
      Setting new standards in Cabo San Lucas since 1999.
      More information available on their web site.



      Telephone 044 (624) 148-6910 Mexico cell.
      U.S. phone (928) 669-2116.
      Post Office Box 1051, Parker, Arizona, 85344.
      Web site:
      Sportsfishing charters in Cabos San Lucas.
      Customized fishing adventures to meet your needs.
      Whale watching and private charters also available.
      They will target the type of fish you want to catch!.
      More information available on their web site.



      Telephone (949) 496-6296.
      Toll free (800) 334-6121.
      Located on Dock #A in front of the Shrimp Bucket.
      A first class sportfishing operation catering to serious big-game fishermen looking for tight lines in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas! Try the Archer..she's a good boat! Check out their web site for more information.



      Telephone (888) 588-3446.
      Marina 8-6 Darsena, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
      Complete fishing services for Cabo San Lucas, and a great web site!



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 147-5826.
      Located in front of the Marina Fiesta Hotel at the harbor in Cabo San Lucas.
      Web site:
      Professional fishing on a 31' Bertram.
      Hook-ups and tight lines since 1998.
      Visit their web site for additional information.



      Telephone (800) 322-1763.
      The biggest and best fishing tournament in the world!
      It'll cost you about $5,000 to get in the race. The pool of $2.3 million makes it all worth while!



      Telephone (408) 246-2226.
      Toll free (888) 301-2226.
      3579 Benton Street, Santa Clara, California, 95051.
      Over 9 years specializing in Cabo fishing adventures.
      Company conference reservations and group reservations.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-1630.
      Located in the Plaza Las Glorias Hotel.



      Telephone (888) 757-2226 * (602) 813-0011.
      Post Office Box 1555, Gilbert, Arizona, 85299.
      Located in Plaza Las Glorias Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      Cabo San Lucas sportsfishing, charters, hotel packages, and guided trips.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 170-1271.
      Plaza Las Glorias Hotel office.
      Sportfishing packages to Cabo San Lucas.
      English speaking crew.
      Pangas to yachts...Captain Juan and Manuel at your service!



      Telephone (800) 932-5599.
      011-52 (624) 143-0430.
      Bahia Cono Hotel, Playa El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      Specializing in Cabo fishing for many years, over a dozen boats to choose from!



      Telephone / Fax 011-52 (624) 143-0831.
      Located at the entrance to the Giggling Marlin Restaurant and Bar, downtown.



      Telephone (800) 421-8925 * (213) 368-5074 * 011-52 (624) 143-0522.
      Plaza Marina Local #1, Marina Blvd. P.O. Box 29, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      U.S. Mailing: c/o Hotel Twin Dolphin, 1625 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 105, Los Angeles, California, 90015.
      Serving Cabo San Lucas for over 30 years with a fleet of 9 cruisers.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-3736.
      Located at the Hotel Mar de Cortez, downtown Cabo San Lucas.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-1282.
      Apartado Postal 156, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      Located in Cabo San Lucas on Marina Blvd at Francisco Madero, one block south of the Giggling Marlin.
      Offering the finest in charter boats and tackle. Your hosts Bob and Minerva Smith.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-2474.
      U.S. (909) 931-2511 (U.S.).
      Lote 37 and 38, Marina Fiesta Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      U.S. Mailing: 1589 West 9th Street, Suite H, Upland, California, 91786.
      Located dockside next to the Marina Feista Hotel in Cabo San Lucas harbor.
      Cabo's most luxurious charter fleet, American owned and operated.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-1288.
      Located off of Blvd. Marina at Madero, Local #2, Post Office Box 137, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      High catch rates and customer satisfaction.
      Serving Cabo San Lucas for many years. Very dependable.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 148-7538.
      Located in the Plaza Las Glorias Hotel.



      Telephone U.S. (858) 483-3771.
      Californian 29; day cruiser.
      Competitive rates and personal service.
      20 years experience, English speaking crew.



      Telephone (800) 344-3340.
      (310) 459-9861 * 011-52 (624) 143-3535.
      U.S. Mailing: Post Office Box 383, Pacific Palisades, California, 90272.
      Located in the Solmar Hotel, #1 Avenida Solmar, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23410.
      The most modern and well-kept sportsfishing charter boats in Cabo.
      Pangas and cruisers available.
      Boats depart at 7:00 a.m. and usually return by 2:00 p.m.



      Telephone (877) 825-8802.
      Fishing in Cabo, La Paz, East Cape and La Paz.
      Fish report updated on their web site.
      Retreats and seminars also available!
      Drop by their informative web site for further information.



      Telephone 011-52 (624) 143-2590.
      Toll free (800) 421-8925.
      Desk at Hotel Twin Dolphin.





      Although there are many fishing companies that are based in Cabo San Lucas, there are also many other companies that are based outside of Cabo that put together excellent fishing packages. A few of your choices include...



      Telephone (888) 894-3474.
      15115 North Airport Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85360.
      Fishing location: Cabo San Lucas.
      Sportsfishing adventures in Cabo San Lucas!



      Telephone (800)458-3688.
      Post Office Box 3489, Rolling Hills Estates, California, 90274.
      Custom fishing tours in the waters of Los Cabos and the East Cape.



      Telephone (619) 427-1711.
      858 Third Avenue #110, Chula Vista, California, 91911.
      Custom fishing trips off of Cabo and southern Baja!



      Telephone (310) 465-0323.
      Toll free (800) 458-3688.
      Post Office Box 3489, Rolling Hills Estates, California, 90274.
      Custom sportsfishing adventures in the waters off of Los Cabos.



      Telephone (800) 458-2879.
      Fishing locations: Buena Vista, Cabo and Loreto.
      Tight lines in Cabo since 1979.
      For more information check out their web site.



      Telephone (800) 799-8475 (Ca.).
      (562) 799-8475.
      Fishing locations: Cabo, Loreto, La Paz, East Cape, San Jose del Cabo.
      Custom fishing trips to many Baja (and Mexico mainland) destinations!



      Telephone (888) 301-2226 * (408) 246-2226.
      3579 Benton Street, Santa Clara, California, 95015.
      Specializing in Cabo sportsfishing, charters, vacations, accommodations, and packages.



      Telephone (503)641-4324.
      All inclusive sportsfishing packages to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.



      Telephone (800) 593-6510
      (714) 692-6970.
      Family owned and operated fishing charters out of Cabo San Lucas.



      Telephone (800) 347-2760.
      (818) 224-3625.
      Fishing charters out of Cabo San Lucas.
      Review their web site for additional information.



      Telephone 213-0011.
      Toll free (888) 757-2226.
      Plaza Las Glorias Hotel office.
      Sportfishing packages to Cabo San Lucas.
      Super pangas and Sport cruisers available.



      Telephone 011-52 (117) 01271.
      Plaza Las Glorias Hotel office.
      Sportfishing packages to Cabo San Lucas.
      English speaking crew.



      Telephone (360) 402-FISH.
      Post Office Box 11566, Olympia, Washington, 98508-1566.
      Sportsfishing adventures in the waters off of Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape.



      Telephone (800) 525-9527.
      (714) 771-4499.
      550 East Chapman Avenue #A-2, Orange, California, 92866.
      Complete fishing packages to Cabo San Lucas.





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