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      There are approximately 500,000 private pilots in the United States, but only a small handfull of these aviators have a passion for flying to Baja and Cabo. And if these pilots have enough money after paying for the purchase of their aircraft, insurance premiums, tie-down or hanger fees, fuel, AOPA dues and the annual inspections for their birds...they take their last $39 and join Baja Bush Pilots. Money well spent.

      Baja Bush Pilots is a collection of people and pilots who love flying to Baja, Cabo San Lucas, mainland Mexico and Central America. Most of these members are free-spirited folks who have a fond appreciation for adventure, wide open spaces and a flying environment unlike anywhere else in the world. In case you haven't guessed it by now, Carlos Fiesta is a proud member of the Baja Bush Pilots and loves to fly to Baja.

      One of the cool things about the Baja Bush Pilots is that it is an organization of great interest for non-pilots as well. Anyone who has an interest in Baja or Cabo will find plenty to appreciate about the Baja Bush Pilots.

      A key focal point for BBP is their excellent web site. Just visit one time and it's almost a sure thing that you will bookmark it and be back again. It's that good.

      Once on their web site it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Bulletin Board is a great place to garner information on all parts of Baja and Cabo San Lucas. Some of the information is aviation oriented, some of it is not. But it's all good feedback before your next trip south of the border.

      Other categories of information on the web site include weather information, exchange rates, event calendar plus Baja and Cabo airport guides, border crossing information and aviation fuel prices. And shoppers usually enjoy surfing their cool on-line store!

      Another section of the Baja Bush Pilots web site that draws interest from pilots and non-pilots is the BBP Trips section. These knuckleheads are always planning their next adventure somewhere below the border, and if you've got money to help pay for gas you just might find a pilot with a plane and an empty seat who will take you along.

      The beginnings of the Baja Bush Pilots goes back to 1965 when Baja aficianado Arnold Senterfitt drew his first airport diagram on the back of a margarita napkin while visitng Baja with two other planes (this may or may not be true but Carlos Fiesta always says "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story"). Soon Arnold was sketching airport diagrams for several other Baja landing strips and the next thing you know he puts his collection of information together in a book.

      Today that book includes almost every known airport and airstrip in Baja, in and around Cabo, the East Cape and in mainland Mexico. It is a bible for those who love to fly to Baja and lots of fun for anyone to read while sitting under a palapa enjoying a cold drink in the warm Baja sun.

      In 1996 (at the age of 70) Arnold decided to pass the yoke over to Jack and Karen McCormick, a couple who had also been enjoying the outbacks of Baja and Cabo for many years. Jack and Karen have done an excellent job of carrying on Jack's tradition of good information and fun times with flying friends. Jack currently has over 1,400 of Baja flying time in his log book.

      Carlos Fiesta ran into Jack at the San Felipe airport while Jack was organizing a large group headed south. Jack was a very amiable person and the group seemed to be having nothing but fun.

      Love Baja and Cabo and looking for a god time? Join the Baja Bush Pilots!

      For more information on flying in Baja visit the BAJA FLYING section of Baja Expo.






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