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      One of the great things about Cabo San Lucas as opposed to many other resorts throughout the world is that all of the nightlife is in a concentrated location. This puts most of the bars within walking distance to each other.

      There are dozens of bars, cantinas, discos and clubs in Cabo San Lucas and it can be easy for an inexperienced person to miss the best spots. And since the legal drinking age in Cabo is 18 years old, there are more than a few inexperienced drinkers stumbling through town on any given evening.

      While we encourage Cabo visitors to get off the beaten path and try new watering holes, there are a few tried and true hot spots that should not be missed.

      Each of these places has a personality of it's own, and it can be an evening of fun to hop from one to the other to check out the entertainment, music and dance action.

      Looking for some good advice? Don't even think about taking your rental car out for a night of partying. Taxis are cheap, especially when divided by 3 or 4 people.



      Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-1182.
      Located on Marina Blvd. at the corner of Matamoras, right side.
      The nightly shows are the real treat here. Get a seat near the central stage by 8:45.
      Jello vodka shooters on hard-body bellies, bar top brass rail dancing, videos, great music, dirty dancing, plus hanging upside down in the marlin shackles. "Waiter, I'll have a drink of whatever that guy laying on the floor is having".
      When bar hopping this is a good starting point. Watch the show, have a cocktail, dance and then move on!
      If you can't have fun here, go home.



      Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-0655.
      Fax 011-52 (114) 3-1269.
      Located near the entrance to downtown Cabo San Lucas, right side of street.
      This two story monstrosity is a Cabo legend!
      Non stop music by day, dance music by night.
      Cage dancing, tree dancing, stair dancing, isle dancing, and dance floor dancing!
      A Cabo landmark where the fun goes on until the wee hours. Remodeled to accomodate more fun
      Also a good place for lunch. If you can't spot a CABO EXPO decal somewhere on the walls in this place, you need glasses!
      Got the late night munchies? Hot dogs upstairs.
      Carlos Fiesta and his gang spent a week here one night.



      Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-1198.
      Located on Vicente Guerrero just up from Lazaro Cardenas, about a block from Giggling Marlin.
      Two entrances, the easiest on is the 'back door' across the street from the Giggling Marlin.
      Huge! A great indoor stage venue with plenty of seats for when Sammy or other big groups are in town.
      Metal dance stages throughout the venue for those who like to put it out there for the world to see.
      Separate area near the front door serves drinks and pizza without the load music.
      Even when it's quiet, it's worth a visit for a cool drink, or to buy a T-shirt for the folks at home.
      If you have not yet had a shooter of Cabo Wabo's famous tequila, this is the place to try it.




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