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      For years ATV's were a fun way to scoot around Cabo and check out the sites. But ever since Cabo grew up and the road traffic increased ATV's have been more popular for exploring the huge sand dunes north of town than for city transportation.

      It is still possible to rent an ATV to get around downtown Cabo, or to get from downtown to the beaches. Traffic being what it is in downtown Cabo, it's a good idea to take it slow and keep an eye out for other vehicles. If you are planning on driving the streets bring your driver's license along and wear a helmet.

      The main focus for ATV's in Cabo today is the large area of sand dunes north of Cabo near the Old Lighthouse (el Faro Viejo). These dunes are the largest on the entire Baja Peninsula and cruising them on an ATV is a great way to check out the sights.

      Some of the tours to the El Faro Viejo area are longer than others so pick the one that works best for your vacation schedule. There are short tours with no food (just the ride) and there are longer tours that include a picnic overlooking the ocean.

      Another fun excursion is the half day trip to La Candelaria, up in the mountains north of Cabo. Bring money for shopping! Riding on the beach anywhere between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo is not permitted!

      There has been a gradual evolution in the all-terrain vehicle market over the last few years. These bikes started off as three-wheelers and they were tons of fun. But over time it became clear that there were too many people running over thier own feet with the existing 3-wheel design. And these vehicles rolled over a bit too easily also.

      All new ATV's are 4 wheeled vehicles and the old problems of people running over their own feet and fliping over has been minimized. The 4 wheeled ATV's are much more stable, which creates a whole new problem....speed! These units are so stable that they beg to go fast. Going fast is tons of fun...until you take a dive and hit the ground.

      There is no need to reserve an ATV before you get to Cabo, they are available all over town. Have fun!



        Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-2050.
        Fax 011-52 (114) 3-4599.
        Locations: Medano Beach and the Plaza las Glorias Hotel, Pueblo Bonito Hotel, Villa del Palmar Hotel, Bahia Hotel, Calinda Beach Hotel.
        ATV tours, choose single or double seating! Includes helmets, guides, and sodas.



        Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-0808.
        Located on the main road coming into town across from the Marina's main ramp, next to Advantage Car Rental and Latitude 22 Restaurant.
        ATV rentals and tours to the old lighthouse, a cactus tour and a tour to La Candelaria 15 miles north of Cabo.
        Most tours are 3 hours long. Gilligan would be proud.



        Telephone 011-52 (114) 2-0100.
        Located on Medano Beach and at the Plaza Las Glorias parking lot.
        Tours to the old light house.



        Located across the street from the Plaza las Glorias Hotel.
        A fine selection of quad-runners, helmuts included!





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