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      Cabo San Lucas is easy to get to. Each year more flights are added (mostly from the United States), providing a greater variety of departure and return times. A list of some of the airlines flying to Los Cabos is included below.

      When planning a trip to Cabo, don't forget the option of a package vacation that includes airfare and a hotel. These package deals can be very competitively priced, and are a great way to set up a vacation. NOTE! These air/hotel package vacations offer a wide array of hotel options, and include some hotels that may or may not fit your idea of the perfect hotel and/or location. Find out which hotels are available for the package you want, check out the hotel location, then commit, after you feel good about the particulars. Some of the package deals provide lodging in San Jose del Cabo. Not a problem, unless you were planning to party every night in downtown Cabo San Lucas, and don't want to traverse that 20 mile corridor after a hard night of drinking and dancing.



      Cabo San Lucas is served by two airports, Los Cabos International Airport (located just north of San Jose del Cabo), and Cabo San Lucas Airport (located just north of Cabo San Lucas). Most of the large commercial flights to Cabo fly into the larger San Jose del Cabo International Airport. Most of the general aviation aircraft (private pilots) and some of the small charter flights that fly to Cabo like the Cabo San Lucas Airport because it is smaller and closer to town. The larger San Jose del Cabo International Airport is approximately 28 miles north east of Cabo San Lucas, and it's a straight shot down Baja Highway One, usually about a half hour drive. The road from the airport to Cabo San Lucas is 4 lanes, 2 lanes in each direction.

      CLICK HERE for DETAILED information on Los Cabos International Airport stats.

      CLICK HERE for DETAILED information on Cabo San Lucas International Airport stats.



      Getting from your plane to your transportation at the large San Jose del Cabo Airport is a pretty easy excursion IF you stay on track. After getting off of the flight, everyone gets in line to clear customs. If you haven't filled out the tourist card that the airlines gave you at check-in yet, you can fill it out while waiting in line. Once at the customs counter, the nice man in the hat with the badge will review your proof of citizenship, review your tourist card for your signature, and then stamp your tourist card. He'll keep a copy, then give a copy back to you. KEEP THIS COPY somewhere where you will find it when you get ready to fly home. If you loose this tourist card, you might still be able to fly home, but it could cost you time and money to get your paperwork re-organized and you might end up going home on a different airplane than you had planned.

      The walk from the customs agent to the baggage area can be the walk from Hell, or an easy scoot. Your choice. If you stop to talk with the nice young men or women selling timeshares or giving away discounts on sunset cruises (same thing), be prepared to be the last one out of the terminal. Carlos Fiesta has a suggestion here: stay focused on your next move, which is getting out of the airport. Eye contact of any sort with these friendly folks can cost you dearly. Don't feel sorry for these guys. There's a nice elderly couple from Iowa right behind you who will talk to them. Besides, you can talk to them later on in town, after you check in to your hotel. Right now, keep moving.

      Next step is to collect your luggage from the conveyor belt. This usually doesn't take too long, unless more than one flight has arrived at the same time.

      Once you have your luggage, it's off to the immigration line. Here, you press a button much like the buttons you push back at home to get a 'walk' sign at the crosswalk. Only these buttons have a slight difference. You either get a green 'Passe' light which gives you the right to pass 'go' (without collecting $200), or you get the red 'Alto' light, which means the nice people with the badges get to ruffle through the underwear in your suitcase looking for fruit and guns. Assuming you have neither, your out of the maze and officially on vacation.


      The rental cars, taxis, and ground transportation are just through the glass doors after you pick up your luggage. To get from Los Cabos Airport to Cabo San Lucas in a private taxi cab or van, the cost is about $80 (total 4 people). Extra per person over 4 people. Another option is the Airport Shuttle Vans, which run up to $15 per person. Be prepared for a few stops on the way to your hotel. If you want to cruise the coast in style, private limos will take you to Cabo for $100+ (price includes one beer per person). The limos will hold 6 people and two chickens.

      For more information on renting a vehicle while in town drop by our CAR RENTAL section!

      P.S. Don't forget to change your watch, you're on Cabo time. Better yet, take it off and bury it in your suitcase. You really shouldn't need it for a while.



      Private pilots interested in flying into Los Cabos International Airport and other Baja destinations can check out BAJA BUSH PILOTS web site for more information on flying south of the border. Also, think about flying into Cabo San Lucas Airport, 20 miles closer to Cabo.




      • LOCATION: 6 miles north of San Jose Del Cabo.

      • HOURS OF OPERATION: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

      • SURFACE: Paved.

      • ELEVATION: 358 Feet.

      • RUNWAYS: 16 / 34.

      • LENGTH: 7,225 FeeT.

      • TAXIWAY A: Mid-field.

      • TAXIWAY B: North end (16).

      • TOWER: 118.9.

      • UNICOM: 129.9.

      • VOR: 114.0 ~ South end of field.

      • WINDSOCK: South end of field.

      • FUEL: 100LL, JET A, Prist.

      • AIRPORT OF ENTRY: Yes.

      • TERRAIN: Mountains west of field.

      • ADDRESS: Los Cabos International Airport, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23400.

      • COMMENTS: This is the airport that most Cabo visitors fly into. A general aviation center just south of the main terminal is fully operational. Car rentals and transportation, as well as food and refreshments, are also available 100 yeards to the north.

      The Los Cabos general aviation facility also offers private customs and immigration facilities, meeting facilites, restrooms, a lounge and a bar (remember, no drinking within 8 feet of the yoke). This nice facility takes Cabo to the next level for private aircraft. For information, contact the GA office at 011-52 (624) 146-5205. Unicom is monitored at 129.9 and 100-LL and Jet A is available. Plan on overnight ramp fees of $25 to $45 per night, depending on the size of your bird.






    • GPS COORDINATES: 22 degrees, 56'53.9 N / 109 degrees, 56'179 W.

    • LOCATION: 4 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.

    • HOURS OF OPERATION: 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    • SURFACE: Paved.

    • ELEVATION: 690 Feet.

    • RUNWAYS: 11 / 29.

    • LENGTH & WIDTH: 7,000 Feet X 150.

    • TAXI: Taxi back on runway.

    • TOWER: Yes.

    • TOWER FREQUENCY: 118.75.

    • UNICOM FREQUENCY: 122.8.

    • FUEL: 100LL, JET A, Prist.


    • FBO: Yes.


    • TERRAIN: Mountains north of field.

    • AIRPORT TELEPHONE: From U.S. 011-52-624-124-5500.

    • RESERVATION INFORMATION: From U.S. 011-52-624-122-4227.

    • SECURITY: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


    • COMMENTS: Cabo San Lucas' best kept transportation secret! Only 15 minutes to downtown Cabo San Lucas.

      This is the airport to use for private aircraft and small charter flights. Take a tip from Carlos Fiesta, who has been a private pilot for over 30 years and loves flying to Baja. If you have the choice, this is the best place to drop your bird into Paradise.






      Telephone (800) 237-6225.
      Telephone 011-52 (114) 3-3700.
      Web site: None.
      Flights from Los Angeles, Phoenix, and connecting cities.
      Master Card, Visa and American Express accepted.
      Can somebody please tell Carlos Fiesta why they stopped serving tequila on thier flights to Cabo?
      Probably the worst airline service to Cabo, unless you get a good fare. Even then, it's still bad.



      Telephone (800) 237-6639.
      Airport 011-52 (114) 2-0397.
      Web site:
      Flights from Los Angeles and connecting cities.
      Friendly stewardess will give you extra nuts.



      Telephone (800) 426-0333.
      Airport 011-52 (114) 2-0959.
      Web site:
      Flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Seattle and connecting cities.
      The best airline to Cabo. Not the cheapest.



      Telephone (800) 235-9292.
      Airport 011-52 (114) 2-2880.
      Web site:
      Flights from Phoenix and connecting cities.
      Check out their web site for specials.



      Telephone (800) 433-7300.
      Airport 011-52 (114) 2-2492.
      Fax 011-52 (114) 2-2704.
      Web site:
      Use your frequent flyer miles for a free trip to Cabo!



      Telephone (800) 784-4444.
      Airport 011-52 (114) 2-3880.
      Fax 011-52 (114) 2-3890.
      Web site:
      Flights from Houston and connecting cities.



      Telephone (800) 531-7921.
      011-52 (114) 3-5352.
      Web site:
      Flights from Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, and connecting cities.
      Carlos Fiesta's first commercial trip to Cabo in 1983 was on Mexicana!




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