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      Do your friends think you spend too much time in Cabo? Frankly, we at Cabo Expo don't think this is possible! But in case you (or someone you know) thinks you have a problem spending too much time in vacationing in Cabo, we have developed some guidelines to help you determine if you are 'addicted' to Cabo. Watch for these key warning signs when you are in your home environment to see if you are spending too much time in Cabo.

      When you are not in Cabo do you...

      • ...regularly drink beer with breakfast?

      • ...answer your home telephone "Hola?"

      • Cabo Expo at work when the boss is gone?

      • ...ask the kid behind the counter at Burger King if they take dollars?

      • ...divide the prices of items in the store by 13 to see what it really costs?

      • ...walk into restaurants without wearing a shirt or shoes?

      • ...expect the waiter to bring a lime with your beer?

      • ...gravitate towards cheap Mexican restaurants with non-English signs in the window?

      • ...leave a bigger tip for the waiter than the bill was?

      • ...keep a cooler and ice in the back seat of your car?

      • ...act confused when you are asked to stop dancing on the table at the local sports bar?

      • ...expect people to actually show up on time?

      • ...start shopping one way ticket prices to Cabo?

      • ...spend more time surfing Cabo Expo than the porn sites?

      If you answered "yes" to 5 or more of these questions then you could have a problem. The anecdote? Head south, amigo!




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