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      CABO SAN LUCAS is where the Baja Transpeninsular Highway ends and the fun begins! For most of this century Cabo San Lucas was a small, quiet fishing village. Even when John Steinbeck chartered a boat out of Monterey to visit Baja in the 1940's, there was very little going on in Cabo San Lucas. Yes, the 200 foot granite arch at Land's End was there marking the end of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, but back then it wasn't famous. With all of the natural beauty and resources that this special corner of paradise had to offer, not to mention the great weather and refreshing ocean temperatures, it was inevitable that the 'Cape' would eventually experience significant growth in tourism (over 2 million Los Cabos visitors each year) and in it's local population (now sitting at over 200,000 people). After all, who can resist 360 days of sunshine each year! Excellent weather, fabulous sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and a relatively close airline proximity to major U.S. cities all contributed to the growth of Cabo.

      A recent edition of Conde Nast Traveller Magazine provided a hint of what is headed for Cabo at an ever increasing pace. Cabo garnered 3 of the top 10 categories for Best Resorts in Latin America, including LAS VENTANAS AL PARAISO as the #1 resort. Although funky small and mid range hotels still provide lodging for most of Cabo's visitors, they will have to share the stage with these new superstars as we progress into the millennium.

      Although the tranquillity that brought many of Cabo's original admirers is becoming harder to find, other attractions pull in today's visitors. A first class 320 slip marina is showcased right near the center of town.

      Cabo attracts an extremely diverse crowd with many interests, and it seems to do a great job of keeping them all happy. On any given day walking the streets of Cabo you are likely to find fishermen, yachties, world travelers,'s, students, surfers, honeymooners, snowbirds and retired folks, all of them loving life and enjoying this little corner of paradise!

      Cabo's faster pace is not for everyone. But if you come down with an open mind looking for a good time, and you leave here bored, you better check your pulse. There could be a problem!

      Considering what an incredible place Cabo is, it seems quiet appropriate that the entire length of the Baja should come to a dramatic end here in Cabo with the large granite rock formations and with the spectacular arch at land's end!

      Cabo in a nutshell? Visit our CABO FAST FACTS section!

      DON'T MISS the other side of Los Cabos...SAN JOSE DEL CABO. San Jose del Cabo is just a 25 minute drive up the coast from Cabo San Lucas, and offers a world of charm at a slower pace than Cabo.

      If both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are too busy for your taste consider a one hour drive up the west coast to TODOS SANTOS. Perfect!

      And if you enjoy Los Cabos and you want to find out more about other locations on the Baja Peninsula, check out BAJA EXPO TRAVEL GUIDE!">



      Expectations are a huge part of any vacation! The more informed you are about what to expect, the more enjoyable your Cabo vacation will be! Take the time to surf through all of the different sections of Cabo Expo so you can make the best of your Cabo getaway.



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