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      Obviously there is a certain amount of objectivity to claiming the 'best' of anything. This is especially true with Mexican beers, who's flavors are extremely diverse and subject to personal tastes.

      Still, it's nice to have some good data under your belt before heading south to sample cervesa in Baja.

      The cervesas below are listed in order of favorites by Carlos Fiesta, and may not reflect the preferences of non-professional beer drinkers. Your mileage may vary.


      An excellent cervesa. Brewed on mainland Mexico in Mazatlan, Pacifico is a real Mexican beer with a unique yet refined delicious flavor. If your first Mexican beer is a Pacifico, your going to have a hard time getting used to anything else. Pacifico...y nada mas.



      Corona was a great cervesa even before excellent marketing let the rest of the world know about it. It's wonderful smooth flavor is made even better with a lime slice dropped into the bottle. A million surfers can't be wrong.



      We're going out on a limb here, but this cervesa is worth the chance. Sol has a light body and is especially enjoyed by beer drinkers who are looking for something good to go with a meal. The flavor of the cervesa is good, but it won't dominate the palate while dining (not that there is anything wrong with that).



      Another cervesa that is good but does not have a dominating flavor. The downside of this cervesa is that it is usually only available in cans, which takes a little away from the flavor. Adding a line adds some bite. Modelo in the large "Ballena" bottles gets you where you are going pronto.



      This is the cervesa to drink if you are planning on drinking heavily. Going to a party? Out for a day of fishing? Hitting the bars for a long night and anticipating the need to go through a whole lot of cervesa? Tecate is like drinking water, but it kind of tastes like beer.


      DOS XX

      Who thinks Dos XX is the best beer in Mexico? Not too many people. Not that it is a bad beer. Many people actually think it's a very good beer. But most people tend to drink Dos XX when there is nothing else better nearby. When given the choice between drinking a Dos XX or a glass of warm milk, most men prefer Dos XX.




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